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    When working with glitter - work over a paper towel or a piece of paper. After sprinkling the glitter over the glued area, fold the paper towel in half and pour the extra back into your container. The glitter lasts much longer this way!!
    When my children were young, I use to go into their classrooms and do craft projects with the students. By using the above tip, I had containers of glitter that lasted for years - and I have four children which equals 4 classes per month. I use to give each child a small cup of glitter and they would keep pouring the glitter back into the cup and re-sprinkling it on their project. I would then recollect the cups of glitter at the end of the project, pour all the leftover glitter back in the original container and save the cups for the next craft lesson.
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    Great Tip! It will come in handy when I eventually have kids  ;D.
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    I also have found that if you get glitter on a surface or floor and it's hard to get up, either a wet paper towel or tape works wonderfully at cleaning it up.

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