Sweet treats for St. Patrick's Day

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    St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it. These sweet treats will help to make the day special.

    My favorite is the Leprechaun trap cake. It's made from a bunt pan so there is a hole in the middle (under the gold coins) to catch a leprechaun. When you cut the cake your guest will be surprised by the rainbow inside the cake.

    I found a recipe for green candied popcorn which would be a big hit at a St. Patrick's day party or just a fun snack to feed the kids.

    Every layer of this St. Patty's Day cake is a different shade of green which is pretty cool and actually quite easy to achieve.

    The link with directions for this adorable Leprechaun Hat Cup Cake seems to be broken but you should be able to figure this one out just by looking at the picture. They made a green wrapper to go around the cupcake and sat it on a green circle added a white hat band and a gold buckle and topped the cupcake off with a shamrock shaped piece of chocolate. Leprechaun-Hat-Cupcakes.jpg

    Lots of yummy ideas to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

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