St. Patrick's Day Crafts made from construction paper

Discussion in 'St. Patrick's Day Crafts' started by craftylady, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Found some cute ideas for St. Patrick's day. They are both made from construction paper. Hope you like them.
    Shamrock Crown comes with a free printable pattern. It's made from constructions paper or card stock and pipe cleaners.

    You can hang this little guy from the ceiling or just sit him on a table or shelf. This leprechaun is a great project for school age children.
  2. Kathy New Member

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    I thought this craft was so adorable that I made it with the 20 children in the kindergarten class that I work with.  They LOVED it!!  I did have to increase the size of the pink head so that it would be more in scale with the body of the leprechaun.  Thanks so much for posting this Craftylady.  The directions were so clear and simple that it was the perfect craft for our spur of the moment crafting.  The children were so proud that they were anxious to bring them home and share them with their families. 

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