Knitting patterns for speciality stitches including cables

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    Craft Books:
    Craft Elf has a large library of free knitting patterns for close to 100 different knitting stitches. The stitches are broken into three different categories:

    1. Basic Knit and Purl Patterns
    2. Lace and Eyelet Patterns
    3. Cables and Arons
    Most the the patterns are marked with the difficulty level. You can use these patterns to make a wide variety of items from afghans, baby blankets to clothing. Incorporate them into basic knitting patterns for an item that will wow everyone.

    These are just a few of my favorites ~
    waffle knitting stitch.JPG
    Waffle knitting stitch

    Woven circles cable stitch

    Liked rings cable

    Oyster knitting pattern

    shingle knitting stitch.JPG
    Shingle knitting stitch

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