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    If you are low on supplies and don't have time to run to the store and buy paint, here is an easy recipe for paint. It would work great as finger paint, as its made from edible items.

    One cup flour
    One cup water
    Food coloring (liquid or gel)
    (If you would like to add some texture add half a teaspoon of salt)

    Just mix the ingredients and put in drops of food coloring until you're satisfied with the color.

    My son used it to paint on unfinished wood, and it is definitely a different texture than regular paint, but it is still useful, especially for last minute emergencies. :)
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    How fun! What a great recipe and with ingredients we all have around the house already. Thanks for sharing  :)
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    Interesting to know this. OI will have to add it to my kids crfts binder book .
    Thanks for the recipe.

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