Craft foam hat and tie - any suggestions?

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    While I was laying in bed this morning, my mind was working on crafting ;D even though I was trying to sleep. I came up with a couple of ideas that I want to try out later today. I will let you know how they work out and post pics later.

    Someone had asked me about a craft that some cub scouts could do at a Mad Hatter Tea Party and I thought, they can make ties out of craft foam, decorate them with glitter glue, craft foam shapes or markers. They could make them kind of like a necklace by attaching elastic to the neck tie.

    Hats could also be made out of craft foam. I'm thinking a flat hat shaped like a top hat and decorated in the same fashion as the ties. Then make a band from either another piece of craft foam or elastic to go around the back of the head.

    Any suggestions before I get started would be appreciated.

    Completed hat and tie:
    craft foam hat and tie.JPG
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    Craft Foam Tie.JPGCraft Foam Hat.JPG
    I finally got a few minutes to work on my hat and tie and I have to say I absolutely love the way they came out.

    For the tie, I cut a tie shape out of craft foam and stapled a piece of elastic to the "knot" section of the tie so kids can wear it like a necklace. To decorate it, I simply glued a bunch of craft foam dots all over the front side of the tie. I made the craft foam dots using a regular hole punch, I punched them out of scraps of craft foam.

    For the hat, I cut a flat hat shape then hot glued two strips of craft foam to the back side. On one of the strips, I cut two slits going down from the top and on the other strip I cut two slits going up from the bottom. Then simply slide the two strips together interlocking the slits. The beauty of this design is you can easily adapt it to fit any size head. You could also let kids attach these strips with HEAVY Duty double sided tape. To decorate the hat, I cut a piece of ribbon and wrapped the ends of the ribbon around to the back of the hat and glued them in place. With the hat laying flat on my work surface, I decorated the hat with glitter glue but you could use markers or craft foam to decorate it if you prefer.
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